How to Have a Clutter-Free Closets:

I've recently wondered, how much of my life is spent finding something to wear?

Clutter-free closets are a dream of many.

A clutter-free closet is an organized, clean, and well-maintained space that is easy to access and maintain. It is often the first step in creating an organized home.

Benefits of having a clutter-free closet include improved efficiency, decreased stress, decreased cost in home routine, and increased ease with hosting guests. 

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Gather Your Supplies: To get started, gather the necessary supplies for decluttering your closet. You will need boxes, sharpie, and trash bags. The boxes will be used to store items that you do not want in your closet, the sharpie will be used to label the boxes, and the trash bags will be used to collect and dispose of unwanted items. 
  2. Remove Opposite Season Items From Closet: Start by removing opposite season items from your closet. For example, if it is currently summer, remove all winter items such as sweaters, coats, and hats. If it is currently winter, remove all summer items such as swimsuits, shorts, and sandals. 
  3. Sort Clothes Items Removed Into Categories: Next, sort the clothing items removed into categories. These categories should include keep, donate, recycle or trash, and sell. Anything you want to keep should be placed in the “keep” box. Any items you don’t want and are still in good condition can be donated to charity. Anything that is too worn to donate should be recycled or thrown away. Lastly, any items of value that you no longer have use for can be sold. 
  4. Organize What You Decide To Keep: After sorting, organize what you decide to keep. Separately store the “keep” clothing items. Do not hang these items with the current season’s items, as this will create clutter in your closet. Additionally, store shoes on shelves or in shoe bins. Lastly, place clothing on shelves or in closet drawers in an organized manner. 
  5. Maintain Your New Closet: Once you have completed organizing your closet, commit to a regular review of items to ensure your closet stays neat and organized. Look for items that you no longer use or need, and donate or sell them. This can also be an opportunity to swap out the new season's clothes. Consider making folded clothes easy to see, as this will make it easier for you to access and select your outfits. Lastly, invest in storage solutions or professional organizing to ensure your closet remains clutter-free. 
BONUS TIP: My favorite hack for bedroom closets is pulling out what I plan to wear the next day & hanging it in my bathroom. Then - when I wake, I don't have to think or spend wayyy too much time finding the right mix of comfort and style when my brain in only halfway on.

By following the steps outlined above, you can easily create and maintain a clutter-free closet. The benefits of having a clutter-free closet include decreased stress and time spent selecting outfits and decreased cost in purchasing items you have in repurchasing misplaced items. If you want help getting started, professional organizing services can help you effectively and successfully declutter your closet, creating a space that is both organized and aesthetically pleasing.



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